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Storage Tank Mould price


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Rotational Steel Mould For Horizontal Tank
Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, is a molding process used to make a wide variety of hollow articles, usually plastic.
Rotational molding differs from other processing methods in that the heating, melting, casting, and cooling stages occur after the polymer is placed in the mold, and no external pressure is applied during the forming process. The rotational molding process offers great flexibility in design and production.

The performance of plastic water tank has the following points:
1. Opening of water tank: PE water tank has three holes: feed hole, discharge hole and blowdown hole.
2, tough: plastic water tank adopts polyethylene (PE) as the main raw material, light and tough, easy to handle, shock and impact resistance.
3, good resistance: plastic water tank on all kinds of acid, alkali has excellent corrosion resistance.
4, clean and beautiful: plastic water tank appearance streamline beautiful not easy dirty, can easily remove dirt.
One molding inside and outside smooth, with good health and anti-ultraviolet ability, impact resistance, anti-strong earthquake, not easy to aging, not long algae, easy to wash, anti-rat, anti-termite, easy to install and easy for transportation. General acid and alkali resistant tank can hold high temperature liquid, chemicals, strong acid and alkali liquid. Generally can withstand 90 degrees high temperature, the lowest can withstand 30 degrees below zero low temperature. Add additive can be high temperature to 110 degrees above.
Storage Tank Mould price