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Saved Slots


Staff member
could you possibly explain a bit more because from your idea I cannot say what do you actually want to be implemented on our server.


Staff member
I know what he means, basically he means like if you play The Legend of Zelda you can choose between different saved Gameplays...
explanation: Your main "character" is in mine X but you want to start over again with your friend in mine A but you dont want to loose your current game progress in mine X you create a new "slot" (like he said) which is in mine A. So if you join the server you can choose between a game progress and thats it. I dont really know if I explained it well, but if you have any further questions dm me on discord. I dont think that this "function" is really needed but the idea sounds cool...


Wumbology Expert
Staff member
True true, but in the games there were three different files you could choose to play on. We would need to something in the sort different servers to play on, like OG titan was. OP 1, 2, 3 and so on. If we were to gain a higher playerbase, we would for sure add the other servers but for now it wont be implemented.

Thank you for suggesting and reminding me that I have a LOZ game that I havent touched in weeks. Sorry if im non-responsive oops youre to blame ;)