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Monsterhead’s Balancing Suggestions for Season 3


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Before I start this is my suggestions that in my opinion help balance making money and also balance pickaxes.

Ok I will start with Pickaxes.

Drill Pick: This Pick is the most OP on the server and needs to be fixed. I say make the Pick mine 3-4 blocks down and one block to every other side like old Titan. This Pick should have eff 30 to nerf fly mining.

Vasor Pick: The Vasor is the most balanced pick on the server. The on suggestion I have for this is to make it so you have to Left Click instead of Right Click to shoot it because when you stand inside the sell guy it will mine and auto sell for you.

Explosive Pick: This Pick is the worst right now compared to the others. I think what should be done is put higher efficiency and smaller explosion.

Shards: The shards need to be nerfed. I say make the drill and vasor shards worse than the picks to help balance them. Like make a vasor shard a 4x4 mining area instead of a 5x5. And drill should be 2-3 blocks down instead of 5.

Picks in general: Now for pick they need to take damage. If they do not take damage shards will still be a million times better than the picks.

Money: Rank Ups should be a lot cheaper but when it comes to making money it should be less. It should take less time now to get to Z than it was in season 2.

That is it for today thanks everyone for reading.


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Thank you for your suggestions! I especially like the shards and money ones. Not sure if will be possible to make until the newop release, but still great suggestions!