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I'm Zoud


New member
Herro everyone I am Zoud or you can call me General. I'm not new to this server. I used to have ELITE Rank and I'm wondering on how I can get that back besides buying it again. I really loved this server. I mostly gave my kits out to people who were new to the server cause I knew how they felt and what they wanted. I always tried to make the server a like able place for the new players.

King_P09 | Phil

New member
Welcome! :D

Cool! I hope you enjoy playing. To your problem... Did anyone else bought for you Elite or did you buy it? I will message Isabella, since I am only a helper and can not help really much by that.

~ Helper King_P09


New member
I bought the rank but it was before you guys took over which I think is not your problem anymore since it's a new ownership.


Wumbology Expert
Staff member
If you purchased the Elite rank during 2016, that was under DoubleJump Games. Due to us being a completely different company, as well as being different owners, we sadly can not offer donator ranks back. We do however offer the same ranks for a much lesser price at our server store! Click here to get redirected.

We are sorry, but we do hope to see you around :)