Guide: Shard information

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Sep 23, 2018
Hello there!
As you may know, NewOP includes couple of new shards and some of you may be confused what does the enchant on the shard mean. Well, here's a guide what each shard means!
Weapon enchants:

Confusion: Causes Nausea for a certain time to player you hit; Max Level: 2

Drain: Enemy's hunger is lowered; Max Level: 4

Poison: Enemy gets poison effect for a certain time; Max Level: 2

Bleed: Enemy starts bleeding (Not for real, it is something similiar to poison effect); Max Level: 2

Sharp: Same thing as Sharpness enchant, increases your attack damage; Max Level: 5

Lightning: Chance of spawning lightning above your enemy; Max Level: 2

Knockback: Basically the Knockback enchant you all know, however, the Max Level for it is 3!

Fire Aspect: Sets the player on fire; Max Level: 3

Blast: Does a little explosion damage to enemy, which causes him quite a lot of damage; Max Level: 2

LifeSteal: Steal enemy's hearts, doesn't that sound cool? Max Level: 3

Slow: Slows your enemy, Max Level: 2

Blind: Enemy gets Blind, ML: 1

Wither: Enemy has black hearts, same as if he would be hit by a Wither Skeleton, Max Level: 2

Armour enchants:

Reinforced: You get extra hearts! With every extra level, you get 1 extra heart; Max Level: 5 (Reinforced 1: 1 extra heart.... Reinforced 5: 5 extra hearts) ->So if you have full reinforced 5 set, you can have 30 hearts in total!

LightWeight: Makes you faster! With every extra level, you gain +0.005 speed; Max Level: 4 (LightWeight 1: +0.005 Speed..... LightWeight 4: +0.02 Speed)

Ignite: This enchant is great for PvP, as if your enemy hits you, he is set on Fire! The higher level you got, the longer will your enemy be burning; Max Level:3

HeavyWeight: Opposite of LightWeight, makes you slower; Max Level: 2

Frail: Opposite of Reinforced, you have less hearts; Max Level: 2

Tools enchants:

Acrobat: Gives you Jump Boost effect; Max Level: 3
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