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Echo Respawn


New member
Since Echo despawns all the time, maybe add a safe way that players can respawn him? Maybe ever 1 hour globally allow the command to respawn him

King_P09 | Phil

New member
Hello, HorridDreams.
I understand you, and I understand that it annoys you guys if he keep respawning. I don't think there is a way to do it, unless we place a commandblock that keep respawning him, but it's bad if we active commandblocks (I think), because of hacks, etc.
Well, we try to fix the bug with the NPC's, but the Adminteam still didn't found a solution.

I will inform the Adminteam about it.

Thank you, for your suggestion and interest into the server.
- Mod King_P09 ;)


Wumbology Expert
Staff member
As stated above, there's issues with Echo that we are unable to identify at the moment, hence the slow fix on him. When he is gone, please be sure to tag the staff team on our Discord server if he is ever to not be seen. Thank you for your patience :)