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Didnt get my house


New member
I've got before 2 days(at the 22.11.2018) my first 100 gems and wanted to buy my first house. I searched a nice place and as I found one I tried to buy my house I clicked on the sign and nothing happens. I lose my 100 Gems and didnt get my house, but the real Problem is that I cant buy a new house because the server think that I had a house because if I do /home they say me I could upgrade it for 250 gems. I already tryed to do /home abandon but there nothing happens. AAt the moment a friend store my items at his house. Hope somebody can help me.


New member
Staff member
Ok I have read your response and tried to troubleshoot with you and was unable to figure the reasoning out. It seems he has a house but there is no house on the plot. He can do /h renew but can not do /h h.