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Ban Appeal


New member
Ign: PencilTaps

Hello TitanReborn staff team I have came here today to ask to be unbanned. I was perm banned because I was disrespectful to Yazue. I deeply regret it and that behavior was not acceptable and I agree that I should had been banned. It has been nearly 2 months since I said the things I said and I think I should be unbanned. I think I should be unbanned because I am sorry for what I did and I won't do it again. This behavior I showed on TitanReborn that day is something you won't be seeing from me again. I would be a honor if you would give me a 2nd chance to play on your server. Thank you for your time!

I wrote an appeal a few days ago but I think I messed it up so it did not get sent. If you guys did see it I apologize for wasting your time with this one. Also I did not see a fromat for ban apeals.