In the last sneak-peek, we introduced our item enchantment system, showcasing the new custom enchantments and their awesome effects.

Today, we'll be showing off another revamped system that has been present before on TitanReborn. We've drastically improved the way that rewards work, making it snazzier...

What are Rewards?

On TitanReborn, a reward is an item you receive when you have completed a certain activity - they're often special items which you can't get in other ways, and can vary in contents from something as simple as a seed to a OP+ pickaxe!

How do I get a reward?

Unlike previous versions of TitanReborn, there are six different ways to get a reward in-game. These are:

  • Mining
  • The Store
  • Opportunities
  • Tournaments
  • Quests
  • Voting

As a side-note, all item purchases on the server store will automatically be processed to your rewards instead of your inventory - ensuring you don't accidentally loose your items by not realising it processed.

We'll also be showing off Opportunities in a later sneak-peek.

Reward Categories

Dependent on how you've received a reward, the reward you get will vary. This allows variance in how you receive rewards, and also allows certain actions to have different payoffs.

As an example, a reward received from Mining is more likely to give you seeds, sugar cane or a mysterious book compared to a tournament reward which gives you a prize reward specific to your actions.

User Interface Overhaul

We've changed the reward menu, which can be accessed in-game via the /rewards command to have a clearer design and instructions.

If you're new to TitanReborn, this will allow you to be able to play easily and understand the game mechanics immediately.

That's all, folks!

We appreciate that this Sneak Peek is a bit shorter than many of you would have preferred – we've been very busy working behind the scenes to get ready for next week's big sneak-peek. Make sure to check it out Next Saturday at 12PM BST, 1PM CET!