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    Erm, hi... I’m Xboxgamer222... and I’m a Gamerholic :’)

    But seriously, my GT is “Xboxgamer222”, and I started on the server, well... today. Already, I’ve been welcomed by a friendly community as well as a response from an amazing moderator! :) And I’ve only been here a day, I’m definitely looking forward to playing on this server in the...
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    No rewards and some of the quests dont work

    Yeah, I tried the C3PO, and it didn’t even tell me what I needed :’) Also, did you get that one where echo doesn’t spawn in sometimes and when he does, he only works properly in spawn A :’)
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    Bought MC titles on discord as well...

    Does MC bought titles (like donator, VIP, Titan... e.x.t) include a title on the Discord server as well? Also, what does VIP rank actually do? I’d appreciate any response as I’m so confused RN :) Edit: So it’s been a few hours, I asked the discord and got a response from an awesome moderator...