Welcome back to another Sneak Peek of TitanReborn Season 5!

In the last sneak peek, we showed off our new and revamped Reward System, allowing you to get new, custom items based on your actions on the server. If you haven't already read it, you should check it out!

Introducing Clubs

A club is a group of players (similar to a Faction or Gang) who have different perks, shared quests, goals and experience - and an awesome clubhouse!

To create a Club, you need 1,000 Gems (which you can gain by mining, completing quests, purchase on the Store and via Opportunities) and must be the rank of VIP or higher. Anyone can join a club, regardless of rank.

A club has four ranks:

  • The Leader
  • Officers
  • Members
  • Newbies

Club Tag & Chat

In a Club, you can define your own Club Tag - this is a unique combination of 2-4 letters and/or numbers.

In this example, our club tag is GG.

The club's leader can set the Club Tag for free, but to change it, it costs 500 Gems. Club tags must not contain any derogatory/offensive language.

As a Club, you can also access a Club Chat - an exclusive chat only for your Club members.

Club Activities

Does anyone want free stuff?

When you're in a club, you can do certain things as a club.

These activities are very similar to quests, however, the more activities you complete, the more club points you achieve.

Club Points

Club Points is a leveling currency used within your club to get certain upgrades and perks. These perks include (but are not limited to):

  • Club Tag colours and styles
  • Club Boosters (e.g. a 10% sell booster)
  • Club House Upgrades (see below)

Club Houses

Your Club comes with a Club House - a shared building which all players ranked Member and above can edit and modify (in the basement area).

Club Houses are located in the center of each Housing block. We'll be showcasing their exact position with our Housing sneak peek (coming soon).

There's four tiers of Club Houses - which can be upgraded with Club Points gained by activities. You do not need to pay rent on your Club House.

Member Limitations & Recruitment

When you initially create a club, it can have a maximum of four members – including yourself.

You can upgrade this with Gems, with the price starting at 50 Gems per member slot and increasing for each slot. You only need to pay for slots, so if you pay to invite a fifth person to your club and someone leaves, you can still invite up to five people without needing to pay for more slots.

A Club can have up to 20 members in it, and any Officer or above can invite members (and promote them to Member).

Club Events

Certain events on the server will require you to be in a Club, such as Club-specific Tournaments (more information on that will come in a later sneak peek), and Club vs Club PvP.

That's all for this week!

Thanks for all the continued support, it means a lot to us as we work tirelessly on the server.

Make sure to check back next Saturday for the next Sneak Peek of TitanReborn Season 5!